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Terms of Service & Compliance


Terms of Use & Compliance


Every user on the HYTEL PHONES platform represents and warrants that they possess a capacity to contract, and in terms of a natural person, that they are up to the age of 18 and are fully able and competent to understand and agree to these terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representation, and warranties as set forth in this Agreement.

These Terms and Conditions contain the rights and obligations upon which the products, HYTEL PHONES and any delivery third-party shall interact in the course of online marketing and processing of sales order on HYTEL PHONES platform, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.

HYTEL PHONES states that it provides the platform for online ordering of electronic and telephone gadgets and accessories. Users can access the list of items and gadgets on the platform and place orders which HYTEL PHONES may or may not accept at its absolute discretion.

Users and the HYTEL PHONES websites represent that they have complied with all laws and regulations in Nigeria. The User represents to use the web services only in compliance with terms & conditions, applicable law, and in a manner that does not violate the legal rights of third parties.

It is the responsibility of Users to check the electronic or telephone items that is ordered and read its description, before placing an order on the platform. HYTEL PHONES shall not be liable in the event that a product ordered by a User does not meet the User’s requirements and/or restrictions after a purchase has been made.

HYTEL PHONES does not provide any independent delivery or logistics services but enables the delivery of items purchased through third-party logistics to the buyer’s preferred location.

HYTEL PHONES states that it will use reasonable efforts to inform the user of the costs or charges associated with a particular order made on the platform to enable the user to either confirm the sale orders or cancel the order before processing.

HYTEL PHONES shall reserve the right at any time and without prior notice, to remove, block, or disable access to any Content, for any reason considered to be objectionable, in violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or otherwise harmful to the Services provided herein.

The intellectual and proprietary rights in the web and app belong exclusively to HYTEL PHONES, and every user agree to protect HYTEL PHONES’s ownership of the platform as well as its intellectual and proprietary right.

HYTEL PHONES shall grant the User a personal, limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferrable license to access and use the services in this app only as expressly permitted as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The user agrees not to use the services for any illegal purpose or in any manner inconsistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The reviews or ratings of a product by users do not reflect the opinion of HYTEL PHONES. Such reviews or ratings only show the views of the user. It is important to state that every review or ratings posted on the platform are the personal views of the user.

HYTEL PHONES shall take care to show correct process of goods listed at the time of publication, as received from its vendors. The final price charged to the User may change at the time of delivery.

The total price for an item ordered, including the delivery charges and applicable taxes (VAT), will be displayed on the Platform when you place your order, which shall be rounded up to the nearest Naira. The User shall make full payment towards such items ordered via any of the HYTEL PHONES preferred payment platform as displayed.

Personal promo code/offers/memberships, where applicable, can be used by the User subject to such terms and conditions set forth by HYTEL PHONES from time to time. The subscribers will only be eligible for offers opted for.

Terms of Use

5.1 The User shall request to order electronic items by clicking on “Place Order” tab on the Platform. Such order shall constitute an unconditional and irrevocable authorization issued in favor of HYTEL PHONES to place online orders and approve the processing of the request by the vendor.

5.2 Each order for Products given by the Customer to HYTEL PHONES will be deemed to be an offer by the Customer to purchase Products from HYTEL PHONES subject to these Terms.

5.3 In order for a Contract to come into force, (a) the Customer must submit an order to HYTEL PHONES to enable them to process the request for delivery; (b) HYTEL PHONES must send to the Customer, a confirmation order to complete the sales order; and upon acceptance and completion of the sales order by the customer, a contract is validated by the parties and processed for delivery through the platform.

5.4 Delivery: All products will be delivered by HYTEL PHONES or its affiliated third-party logistics to the customer’s chosen address or agreed delivery point supplied by the customer and captured on HYTEL PHONES platform through geospatial intelligence.

5.5 HYTEL PHONES will be responsible for packaging the products for delivery, by unloading the pack to the customer’s chosen delivery vendor. 

5.6 Once an order has been placed on the Platform and accepted by a HYTEL PHONES, it constitutes a separate contract of sale of goods between the customer and HYTEL PHONES.

5.7 The user warrants that while placing an order, accurate and correct details such as contact telephone number, delivery address, etc. are accurate and correct. By providing these details, the user expresses acceptance of the terms and conditions and privacy policies.

5.8 The customer shall be charged a delivery fee for delivery of the order by the delivery vendor, and the fee must be added and paid along with the value of the item(s). The delivery charges may vary from, order to order, which may be determined on multiple factors such as distance, order value, demand, and other factors, etc.

5.9 The customer acknowledges that any cancellation or attempted or purported cancellation of a fulfilled/processed Order constitutes a breach of the unconditional and irrevocable authorization in favor of HYTEL PHONES.

5.11 In the event the customer places on order which was processed and handed for delivery before it became apparent that the order was made out of want of care, the customer shall be liable to pay the liquidated damages of an amount equivalent to the value of the Order. The User authorizes HYTEL PHONES to deduct or collect the amount payable as liquidated damages by deducting such amount from the payment made towards the customer’s next order.

Account Registration Process
6.1 One shall have the access to the Platform by accessing via the web browser, and registering his personal information to create an account. A registered user may access or log into the account through certain third-party social networking sites (” SNS”) (including, but not limited to, Facebook).

6.2 Every user shall have access to only one HYTEL PHONES account and shall not be permitted to create multiple accounts. Where it is found that a user uses multiple accounts, HYTEL PHONES reserves the right to suspend such multiple accounts without liability whatsoever.

6.3 Every user shall provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete.

6.4 HYTEL PHONES reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user’s account and access to the HYTEL PHONES platform, if (a), any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, or incomplete; (b), it is believed that a user’s actions may cause legal liability for the HYTEL PHONES or the user; or for both and (c), the user is found to be non- compliant with the Terms of Use.

6.5 Every user shall be responsible for safeguarding his logon credentials. The user shall not disclose the credentials to any third party. A user is solely responsibility for any activity or action under the user’s enabled HYTEL PHONES Account.